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A Feast of Grand Gourmet Experiences at Singapore’s Iconic Heritage Hotel

Goodwood Park Hotel delivers a selection of gourmet experiences as an extension to its room offerings.

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Min Jiang, Goodwood Park Hotel

Originating from the 1900s, The Goodwood Park Hotel is an iconic five-star heritage hotel of Singapore, brimming with luxury and exclusivity having hosted the stays of well-known dignitaries and personalities from all over the world. Situated in the heart of the city surrounded by lush landscaped gardens, Goodwood Park Hotel today is an urban escape for travellers and an experience to relive the opulence of its colonial era.

With 233 guest rooms and suites, two outdoor swimming pools, a fitness centre, beauty and spa services, five renowned restaurants, a bar, a deli, and a fine range of banqueting and meeting venues, Goodwood Park Hotel was looking to expand its F&B offering alongside gifting options.

The hotel’s dining establishments are renowned in Singapore for their signature fare and original culinary creations. With a wide range of dining choices available, Goodwood Park Hotel looks to expand its dining arm online, enabling takeaway and food delivery service by operating exclusively in-house.

A Gourmet Destination

Goodwood restaurant food image
DIY Turkey Popiah with Homemade Sambal Chili

From casual simplicity to fine gastronomy, Goodwood Park Hotel offers takeaway and delivery services, with the option of gifting dining experiences from its food & beverage establishments. Launched during the festive season and in time for the peak holiday period, Goodwood Park Hotel works to cater to the cravings of the international traveller. Guests can select from traditional Christmas sets or with a local twist. Guests can also gift and indulge in an English afternoon tea set at L’Espresso.

With the rise of culinary travellers, guests are drawn to the hotel for a spectacular selection of international gourmet all housed under one roof with an elegant experience of dining within a five-star establishment. Taking back control of food deliveries also helps hoteliers to maximise full profits, all the while maintaining brand consistency from order to delivery.

Gifting is also a profitable arena as digital gift cards are expected to generate USD$1101.03 billion by 2030. With a wide breadth of offerings from dining, and accommodation to promotional packages, Goodwood Park Hotel is able to leverage Techsembly’s experience vouchers and gift cards solution in anticipation of Singapore’s tourism revival.

To view Goodwood Park Hotel's online gift store, designed by Techsembly: https://onlineshop.goodwoodparkhotel.com

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