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Exclusive Country Club Sells Gifts and Souvenirs Online

Luxury golf-course and retreat hotel debut online shop to sell its exclusive merchandise to members worldwide amid restricted travels.

Quail Lodge & Golf Club is a world-class luxury golf course and retreat hotel, managed by the Peninsula Hotel, owned and operated by The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels, Limited. The group is also engaged in the ownership, development, and management of prestigious hotels, commercial and residential properties in key locations in Asia, the United States and Europe.

Based in Carmel Valley, California, the lodge and golf club attracts many high net worth individuals visiting from around the globe, and to those local in the area. The club is known for its variety of activities, surrounded by the natural beauty and attractions of the Monterey Peninsula. With top-of-the-class facilities, Quail Lodge looks to bring its luxury retail outlet online, making its branded items available for sale to its international clientele around the world.

Starting anew, Techsembly built an online platform to highlight and showcase Quail Lodge’s signature merchandise - from polo shirts to golf clubs and accessories - for golfers to take home. Prior to its online presence, Quail Lodge’s merchandise was only available restricted to its brick-and-mortar store within the golf complex. Techsembly was the chosen technology partner owing to its existing relationship with The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels, Limited.


To launch an e-commerce marketplace with a premium experience, reflecting the values of Quail Lodge:

  • Build an online marketplace of their existing offline luxury retail outlet
  • Enable worldwide customers to access online shopping experience
  • Deliver a user-friendly and premium experience
  • Comprehensive marketplace platform, able to track inventory and shipments
  • Easy to scale to launch additional storefronts
  • Stringent information management system & data protection


We were looking for a user-friendly site with the ability to track inventory, edit with ease, and track shipments. Essentially a one-stop-shop with the ability to see orders through each step without utilizing a different system. The Techsembly team has been great, very responsive, and helpful. We had many questions leading up to our launch and they assisted us throughout the entire process. The curation of this storefront was led by individuals outside of the retail realm, so the team’s support and expertise were greatly appreciated.


The platform needed to be user-friendly for the marketing team to navigate and use as first-time users in building an online shop. Core features required are the ability to track inventory and shipments for complete visibility across the entire shopper’s journey. The platform also needs to be modular for easy editing and to support future growth for when new storefronts need to be built for their subsidiary brands. As a high-end hospitality group, legal data privacy laws and regulations will also need to be met in the build of the website.


Techsembly’s Enterprise Solution provided Quail Lodge & Golf Club with a highly customisable and flexible marketplace solution that met the company’s requirements. The build of the site was consistent with its sister hotels and in line with The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels’ branding. Given QLGC’s first experience in building an e-commerce marketplace, Techsembly provided full support and guidance throughout the entire process. The platform was also user-friendly for non-technical teams in managing the storefront on their own and was easy to pick up for self-learning. The team plans to expand with another storefront shortly focusing on golfing merchandise.


  • Opened up new revenue streams through an online marketplace

  • Created a one-stop-shop with the ability to track the full order process

  • Expand reach to an international clientele with a global e-commerce site

  • Able to duplicate new storefront in just one click

  • Buyers and vendors are assured by the data protection accreditation afforded by Techsembly’s ISO27001 GIC qualification
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