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Top 5 Trends for Hospitality in 2022

The travel industry has been catapulted into a new direction; Techsembly has gathered five trends that will overhaul the future of travel, influenced by the people of today.

The pandemic brought the travel industry to a standstill, yet upended by the new normal and expectations of the mass. Consumer data and analytics company GlobalData goes as far as defining the new ‘Gen-C’ consumers, not by age group, but shaped by cautious COVID-19 behaviours of those who choose to travel without putting lives at the risk of others. Catapulted into a new direction, Techsembly has gathered five trends that will overhaul the future of travel, influenced by the people of today.

Who are the new generation of travellers?

The new generation of travellers are not defined by age group but rather an attitude shift towards mental and physical health. From the impact of long lockdown and travel restrictions, a new sense of appreciation for nature with heightened prioritisation for health and wellbeing has arisen amongst travellers.

The redefined traveller is a multitasker, one who favours space that can maximise efficiency in all areas of their life. As the office space becomes obsolete, remote workers have the choice of working from more desirable locations, no longer confined within four walls. Weekdays are blended into weekends and to the extreme of a ‘workcation’. The surge of digital nomads has reshaped the traveller into a multitasker – one who favours space that enables them to maximise efficiency in all areas of their life amidst the chaos, achieving an equilibrium as they create their own version of work, life and balance. With travel becoming more synonymous with freedom, the wellness tourism industry is projected to reach USD$919 billion by 2022.

Top 5 Hospitality Trends

Hospitality Services through Techsembly Saas Solution
Credit: Rosewood Hotels

1. Health & Wellness

Hotel gyms are no longer a dull facility, but many outstanding hotel groups have turned a dormant gym facility into a community hub. Taking Rosewood Hotel’s spa lodge Asaya as an example, it has created a resident urban wellness concept by inviting homegrown instructors and specialist practitioners to lead workshops and events for guests and the public as an independent scheme of its own. In the rise of wellness travels, hotel spaces now have crafted themselves into an environment that is akin to retreats. Hoteliers have turned dormant spaces into a service-value operation while elevating their portfolio with a new range of offerings.

2. Personalised Experiences

Standardisation is no longer the norm, the new generation of travellers now carry expectations of receiving personalised experiences – from the simple things of knowing a guest’s name to the intricate details of their preferences to shape the perfect stay. A study conducted by American Express revealed that 82% of consumers perceive personalised experiences as the most desirable luxury amenity. Supported by loyalty programs and data, hotels practising hyper-personalisation and treating a guest as an individual instead of just the general mass can help uplift consumer satisfaction and affinity towards the brand. Aside from tailored offers and promotions, the ability to further customize their own products and experiences can further elevate their stay.

personalised experience of hotels through Techsembly Saas Solution
Credit: Fairmont

3. Tourism and Travel

Travel agents have almost become a thing of the past as travellers are increasingly becoming more knowledgeable and independent in organising their own holidays. The modern savvy traveller nowadays seeks more than the average tourist experience and are looking to engage in specific activities at their chosen destination. Especially in the age of the experience economy, at least 8 in 10 millennials value this over materialistic possessions. The hallmark of a luxury travel experience are those that are finely curated with over-the-top packages where consumers are looking for unique experiences ranging from adventures to relaxation retreats. For example in Fairmont Group’s luxury adventure series, The Origin of Spirits’, the hotel group hosts a Caribbean tour with a bespoke rum experience. The package includes a private cruise, docent-led rum tour with mixology sessions, intimate dinner and even a rum-based massage. The rebound of luxury travel and once-in-a-lifetime vacations are coming back strong as 1 in 2 travellers are willing to splurge more on experiences post-pandemic.

4. Acting Glocal

The demand for international travel is rising as with up-and-coming tourist destinations that were not commonly thought of in the past. International cooperations have been needing to shift expat hires to leveraging local talents to deliver an accurate reading and sense of the local cultures at hand. Local management teams are set in place yet headquarters still hold a central oversight to ensure branding consistencies are demonstrated no matter the location. As part of the Peninsula’s digital transformation roll-out, the hotel group has created individualised storefronts per market with its own set of merchandise, promotions, language and currencies to deliver a localised experience for guests and locals shopping online. The ability to transfer best practices to other markets is important yet building and achieving a cultural connection can help better assess competitors, identify potential partners and create an appeal towards the local clientele. Global brands must be able to protect their brand image that is clear and consistent across all markets thus localisation can no longer be ignored, especially in today’s heightened cultural sensitivity and awareness.

5. At-home Michelin Dining

At Home Dining Experience offered by hotels | Techsembly
Credit: The Peninsula Hotels

Restaurant shutdowns have diverted businesses to bring the dining experience into consumers’ homes. Some hotels have also taken last mile solutions in-house instead of third-party platforms to improve margins and ensure a five-star experience is being achieved at delivery. The culinary and catering scene has been further reimagined with virtual tastings and private kitchens, shaping the new consumer attitude towards fine dining. Consumers are able to shed from the traditional fancy-dress codes to be able to dine in the comfort of their own homes while still receiving the same five-star experience with meticulous service, redeeming high-end experiences everywhere.

How to deliver the ultimate guest experience

In today’s times, consumers seek a sense of calm and look for comfort in familiarity, favouring tailored experiences in private tours, to localised marketing and intimate dining at home.

Techsembly works with global five-star luxury hotel groups to deliver these experiences by working to digitally transform hotelier’s online. With 83% of individuals looking to gift vouchers and experiences over the holiday season, hotel groups are increasingly looking to capture this market segment of generous gifters. Our advanced multi-vendor marketplace and sophisticated gift voucher services have helped hospitality groups create new revenue streams and expand their portfolio of service offerings.

Instead of lowering brand value with discounts, why not compete in lavish and indulgent experiences for guests? Contact our Global Head of Sales, Floris Vermeulen, to learn more about what Techsembly can do to help you transform your property into a destination place for life, loved by locals and tourists.

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