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Curating Wellness Experiences in Hospitality

Here are a few leading examples of how the hospitality industry is bringing wellness and wellbeing experiences into their hotels.

The wellness trend has been on an unstoppable rise, only to be further propelled by the pandemic as individuals around the world are investing more into their health and wellbeing. This opens up a world of possibilities for hospitality properties to now cater to the modern-day, conscious traveler. Consumers are either travelling motivated specifically by wellness offerings, otherwise are looking for experiences embedded into their trip and at the property. These experiences are now being valued more than ever; the industry projected by the World Tourism Association predicts US$919 billion will be achieved through wellness tourism this year. A quarter of guests are extremely likely to book a wellness vacation within the next two years, and 75% of guests have already included wellness-specific activities into their itineraries for their next travels. Health-conscious travellers are likely to spend as much as 130% more on hotel amenities than other guests - an average of US$1528 per trip.

At the thought of wellness, the image of yoga at sunrise, a green juice at hand, and a relaxing aromatherapy massage are conjured. While the focus on physical and mental health is combined with nutrition and exercise, it is also often blurred with the notion of wellbeing, where it considers the intrinsic, emotional state; achieved through self-fulfillment, joy, peace of mind, etc. Developing a wellness and wellbeing plan in hospitality requires more than just physical activities but crafting a space that can meet the psychological and emotional needs of guests embracing holistic wellness. Here are a few leading examples of how the hospitality industry is bringing wellness and wellbeing experiences into their hotels.

Top Wellness Experiences

In the age of personalisation, guests are looking for wellness-focused amenities that cater to their programs and diets. Hotels such as Rosewood have developed Asaya, a wellness retreat within its hotel that curates programs for health and personal healing with the help of the city’s most notable gurus. Hyatt has also incorporated blackout shades, warm-coloured lighting, and even AI-powered beds for ‘restorative sleep’ to improve guests’ wellbeing. From private chefs and personalised nutritional meals to fitness programs and experiences connecting with nature, there are endless innovative ways to introduce guests to the benefits of wellness.

1. Lunar Massage

Lunar Massage area image | Techsembly

Aside from the typical oil massage, many Asian and European countries embed deep historical traditions into their wellbeing and spa experiences. Cocooned in the rainforest, Capella's Auriga spa is an oasis for guests to indulge in bespoke treatments and rejuvenate among nature. Its spa experiences are drawn from Bali’s rich wellness tradition, with treatments using signature techniques and organic products exclusively blended for Capella Ubud, Bali. Featuring their signature treatment, the New Moon and Full Moon body massages, specific techniques, products, and scents are combined to curate unique experiences dedicated to each lunar phase. It is recommended to experience the massages during the specific moon cycle for optimal benefits.

Capella Ubud - Signature Massage, 75 Minutes

2. G.I. Bootcamp

Open Fields Jogging at Capella ubud | Techsembly

Physical activity allows guests to keep up with their fitness routine abroad and test one’s psychological and physical abilities. The G.I. Bootcamp is set against the backdrop of Ubud’s lush jungle and rice paddies. The workout session will take guests through an exhilarating set of exercises utilising natural elements for cardio, power, and strength training in the flourishing Ubud jungle. From hefty coconut weights to sprinting through an unbeaten forest path, the training reconnects the body and surroundings with Mother Nature.

Capella Ubud - G.I Jungle Boot Camp, 60 Minutes

3. Desert Wellness Retreat

Desert Wellness Retreat‍ at AMAN | Techsembly

Explore Amangiri, a secluded resort in Canyon Point, Utah. Perfect for adrenaline-fuelled adventure and peaceful desert retreats. The two-night stay accommodates two guests in a Desert View Suite, overlooking the dunes. During the retreat, personalised activities include private wellness consultations, crystal sound bath, and a massage. Amangiri’s skilled therapists employ diverse techniques and combine their technical skills with heightened sensitivity and intuition to deliver customised massage therapies. All massages start with a Sage Smudging Ceremony to clear negative energy and finishes with a crystal sound bath. The retreat practices hózhó healing, the state of being in tune with the self and in harmony with the world; alongside yoga experiences in the valley and grounding rituals.

Aman - Two-Night Wellness Retreat At Amangiri

The Future of Wellness in Hospitality

People have made physical fitness and wellbeing a high priority in their lives and are looking to integrate into their holidays to maintain their daily routine while abroad.  It’s no longer just about the spa or fitness center, today’s hospitality operators need to transcend beyond physical amenities to creating impactful experiences on the guests’ wellbeing. This grants hotels the opportunity to design and curate meaningful, unique, and personalised journeys to help guests achieve their personal health and wellbeing goals. Hotels need to embrace wellness and what it means to customers as guests seek for hotels to serve as their home away from home.

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