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Techsembly is the only e-commerce platform dedicated to hospitality that supports the sale of all ancillary services from gifting, gift cards, experiences, F&B in one integrated checkout.

Give the Gift of Timeless Memories During Travel Revival Season

Amidst the travel woes, pacify stressed travellers with gift cards of experiences and the luxury of time.

The Spring of Travel Revival

As many countries loosen Covid restrictions, a comeback in tourism is happening to make up for lost time. After two years plus of staying put, a shift in purchasing pandemic goods has switched over to services and enjoying intangible experiences as a result. An increase of people are seen now splurging on big vacations after a long-term hiatus, bringing back the revival of travel to pre-pandemic levels.

After many cancelled trips and postponed holidays, travellers are swinging back with full force with a thirst to explore the globe, seeking experiences and reconnecting with humanity. The drive to do so has encouraged travellers to spend more money than they have in the past to catch up on missed opportunities, with a newfound desire to travel like never before.

Crushed by Travel Chaos

However, as much as travellers dream of hopping back on the plane, this summer has been met with a wave of flight cancellations, as airports have been the busiest it has ever been after a dormant period, causing disrupted travel journeys and huge pressure on the hospitality industry. The resurgence in travelling has caused airlines struggling to keep up with a shortage of pilots, flight crew and ground staff. London’s Heathrow airport had culled flights, Schipol Airport in Amsterdam has placed a traveller cap and German airline Lufthansa faced strikes are just one of the many disasters that have caused thousands of flights delayed and cancelled.

In July 2022, more flights had been cancelled this year than all of last year. Delayed flights also add extra stress to those that are time-pressed, alongside worries of landing in the wrong city and bags still stuck in their origin destinations. As airlines offer alternative travel options and refunds for new arrangements, travellers are frustrated and unhappy as all holiday plans have changed.

The Gift of Time

To pacify travel woes, ease travel stress and calm flight anxieties with gift cards as a solution to keep travellers happy. Given the many cancelled flights and postponed holiday plans, gift cards enable travellers to have the option to book whatever they want, whenever they want. Open vouchers give the luxury of flexibility and are practical, and readily available to use anytime. Travellers don’t have to worry about expiry dates due to busy schedules. Help them reroute their travel itinerary and refresh their excitement of planning for the future with a trip of lifelong memories to make.

Gift cards are also friendly for all budgets and you can be however generous as you want to contribute to their vacation. Choose how much to contribute while they pick the destination and the dates. Consumers can purchase gift cards without leaving home by sending them through e-mail or by post, to gift to friends and family anywhere in the world.

Whether it’s for a family vacation or a weekend getaway, gift cards and experience vouchers are great for any globetrotter whether it’s covering transport, lodging or enriching experiences. Takeaway the pressure from crowded touristic places and design experiences of a lifetime. Be inspired by the trendiest hospitality experiences of 2022 and whisk your guests away to the sea, an island escape or adventure in the mountains. Takeaway the stress, satisfy guests and spread holiday cheer this season by giving the coveted gift of travel with gift cards and vouchers. To discover more about Techsembly’s gift card and voucher solution, book an exploratory call with our Global Head of Sales, Floris Vermeulen.

Techsembly is a revolutionary e-commerce platform designed for hotels seeking to generate new revenue opportunities through the sale of gift cards (digital and physical), F&B (deliveries and pick-up), 3rd-party vendors, hotel merchandise, event bookings and more.

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