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Techsembly is the only e-commerce platform dedicated to hospitality that supports the sale of all ancillary services from gifting, gift cards, experiences, F&B in one integrated checkout.

Why The World’s Top 5 Star Hotels are Choosing Techsembly Gift Cards

Discover why the world’s leading hotels have chosen Techsembly this year.

About Techsembly

Techsembly is a revolutionary e-commerce platform designed for hotels seeking to generate new revenue opportunities through the sale of gift cards (digital and physical), F&B (deliveries and pick-up), 3rd-party vendors, hotel merchandise, event bookings and more.

The hospitality tech start-up's head office is in the United Kingdom, while the rest of the team are scattered across the world in Hong Kong, Singapore and Pakistan. Techsembly's portfolio of clients consists of 5-star hotels and continues to serve a growing list of luxury properties. Its best-selling product - gift cards, experiences and gift vouchers - is well in-demand and is already used by some of the world’s largest hospitality operators.

The global gift cards market is projected to reach US$1.4 Trillion by 2026. Gift cards and gift voucher experiences are a great substitute for cash gifts as it is more personable. It’s no surprise given that 8 in 10 consumers prefer an experience or an event over a physical gift, where gift cards have even taken over iPhones as the top gift request for 15 consecutive years. Studies have found a third of gift card buyers are millennials, 28% are Gen-Xers and 25% are baby boomers.

In this detailed comparison, learn about Techsembly to decide if we are the right solution for your hotel.

Branded digital and physical gift cards

A standard feature, most if not all digital gift cards are customisable in design. Aside from following the usual branding, this gives the freedom to create any design by season (e.g. Christmas) or to celebrate a special collaboration - the creativity is limitless! Digital designs also provide a sustainable option and can eliminate production, warehouse and shipping costs of physical gift cards.

However, statistics show 60% of all purchased gift cards have been digital as physical gift card sales have dropped by 7% as a result of the pandemic. Digital or physical, Techsembly’s gift cards are redeemable on-premise as long as the customer and card details are present at redemption.

Bespoke custom website design

Instead of being hosted on a 3rd-party gift card marketplace under their design style guide, having an independent website dedicated to your online shop owned by your hotel can ensure consistency with branding and design.

Websites by other gift card providers do not often offer high-level customisation but a cookie-cutter template for all clients. Other vendors may also charge additional fees for a bespoke design.

Creative services are included for Techsembly’s enterprise clients, where the website will be designed to match your existing main homepage to adhere to HQ guidelines. Our content management system (CMS) has also been designed to give a stress-free experience for users, and can be customised code-free without needing any developers. The design is modular and can be easily assembled by a non-technical user (e.g. marketing team) when needed.

Seamless integration

Designing a seamless web experience is important which is why having your own gift card website is preferred over 3rd-party marketplaces. 1 in 2 guests prefers to purchase their gift cards directly from the brand, with 45% of people associating branded purchases with exclusivity compared to third-party marketplaces and is guaranteed fraud-proof.

While many services offer a vanity URL, Techsembly’s website is parked on your domain meaning the website will be embedded within your existing homepage so that when a customer clicks into it, they would not notice the change or difference in their shopping experience.

Mix-and-match multi-product checkout

On average, a hotel uses five different e-commerce solutions, per property, resulting in a messy infrastructure and broken customer experience. This is because many gifting solutions providers only specialise in gift cards and vouchers with static monetary or experience offerings but fail to combine them with the listing of other SKUs (e.g. F&B, merchandise) due to the complex and highly customisable nature of these listings.

Another Techsembly winning product is its multi-product checkout, allowing you to combine all department sales for a seamless checkout experience. Instead of separate sites for each individual type of product, you can now consolidate sales across staycation packages, food ordering, hotel merchandise, spa experiences and gift cards altogether in one checkout. Not only will this boost cross-sell opportunities and uplift basket size, but we have also seen an average of 66% increase in revenue from our combined checkout feature.

Instant payouts

Typically, payment for gift cards and vouchers are only issued to the hotel once redeemed. But did you know up to $15 billion worth of gift cards are forgotten and unredeemed every year, equivalent to $116 per adult? With Techsembly, our gifting solution allows you to own the breakage or use this as a way to reconnect with customers and drive them back to your properties.

Instant payouts are why customers love us and a surefire way to generate quick and easy cashflow for the business during idle moments or a great booster during peak seasons.

Global gift card fulfilment

Digital cards are sent through email with no shipping charges involved. You can also send a traditional gift card through the mail. However, this can be costly if suppliers only ship out from one destination with an expensive courier. The customer will then have to pay the incurred cost of shipping which at times can equate to a proportion of the card’s value, turning away customers from purchasing.

Meanwhile, at Techsembly we are able to dispatch physical gift cards from our Asian, European and US fulfilment offices (US, Singapore, Holland and UK), lowering the cost of shipment to global destinations. We ship through trusted express couriers to guarantee speedy and secure delivery.

24/7 customer support

Customer support may seem to be a standard and for those in hospitality, an essential. While all vendors will offer customer support, the level of service varies and can be limited by timing and language availability. Working with a third-party can always carry the risk of not delivering up to the expectations of your customer and giving inconsistent levels of service against your five-star reputation.

At Techsembly, we have a dedicated gift card customer service concierge on standby and available 24/7, no matter where they are in the world. Working closely with our portfolio of 5-star hotel clients, we understand the importance of an excellent customer experience and provide the “added touch”. We make it important to deliver the same level of hospitality as you do which is why our customer service team have undergone training to match your hotel’s tone of voice. You will also be assigned a dedicated account manager to assist you throughout the project and continued support post-launch to help craft the ultimate customer experience online.


The typical cost of gifting solutions takes a certain percentage of commission, and may hold on to potential earnings per sale - only released upon redemption. At Techsembly, we take a nominal gift card fee with additional charges for customer support and physical gift card fulfilment.

You also have the choice for instant payouts via your preferred payment gateway providers such as Stripe, Adyen, e-GHL and PayPal. Or alternatively, Techsembly can collect and manage all payouts on your behalf, making monthly payouts to corporate and to properties upon either redemption or sale.


Already trusted by the world’s leading 5-star hotels, we’ve seen our clients increase revenue by up to 500% and sales by 380% in just one year of onboarding our gift card solutions.

Techsembly is more than just a gifting solution provider because our team is dedicated to building your success, which is why we provide maximum support throughout and continued guidance post-launch.

Our platform is for you if you are looking to eliminate the hassle and costs of the different software and accounts to replace with just one solution that does it all. With our fully integrated e-commerce platform, Techsembly is best suitable for hotel groups with multiple properties hoping to create a seamless online shopping experience for your customer and is looking to create multiple revenue streams from your variety of departmental offerings.

If you are also just looking for a simple gift card and gift voucher solution, we can also help you start with just that. Book an exploratory call with our Global Head of Sales, Floris Vermeulen, to learn more about our gift cards solution. You can also read about how we’ve increased this hotel group’s revenue by 70% in just six months and why Mayfair’s finest has also migrated to Techsembly.

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