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Techsembly is the only e-commerce platform dedicated to hospitality that supports the sale of all ancillary services from gifting, gift cards, experiences, F&B in one integrated checkout.

Personalised Giftware Marketplace Boosts Revenue by 50% After Deploying Techsembly’s Enterprise Solution

Gifts Less Ordinary (GLO) is a global marketplace passionate about bringing together the best unique and personalised gifts from the most creative small businesses around the globe. The business saw an uplift in revenue after deploying Techsembly's eCommerce solution...

Gifts Less Ordinary (GLO) is a global marketplace passionate about bringing together the best unique and personalised gifts from the most creative small businesses around the globe.

Launched in October 2015 in Singapore, Gifts Less Ordinary has grown to be the online destination for discerning customers looking for originality and the ultimate gifting experience.

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The platform currently supports 200+ creative businesses (partners) with an inventory of 9000+ products. Some 75% of the gifts can be personalised, making the product offering truly unique.

GLO launched on a custom-built Magento platform, with a US$200,000 initial investment, an additional $20,000 p/a technological enhancements and a monthly agency fee of US$2750.

The platform lasted 2.5 years before the lack of functionalities and long re-indexing times forced the team to find a new platform to handle their cross-border growth.


To find the right technology provider to provide a multi-storefront solution superior to GLO’s custom build platform, that met the following objectives:

  • Multi-storefront (highly targeted storefronts differing by region).
  • Multi-currency & multi-language.
  • Vendor dashboards, enabling GLO’s partners to load and manage their own products.
  • Highly customisable – from product variants to customisable storefronts – to support local marketing strategies.
  • High flexibility to enable innovation and growth of GLO’s expanding business.
  • Local IP redirection for various global markets.
  • SEO optimised.
  • Integrated with the best online marketing tools to communicate and grow the audience.
  • Analytics & data capture.
  • Stringent information management system & data protection.


To identify a comprehensive marketplace technology solution and partner with a dedicated, skilled team to cost-effectively migrate 1000s of products from more than 200 partners onto a highly flexible, dynamic platform which would maintain high levels of product personalisation functionality – all with minimal disruption to GLO’s business during the transition.


Techsembly’s Enterprise Solution provides GLO with not only a highly customisable and flexible marketplace solution that met the company’s requirements, but which also exceeded expectations regarding technical speed, specifications and ease of implementation.


  • Migrating to Techsembly’s Enterprise Solution saved GLO more than $85,000 per annum and increased its conversion rate by 33%, which equates to a 50% increase in revenue terms.
  • GLO’s vendors reported quantifiable improvements in the speed and ease of managing product uploads and management.
  • The platform’s frictionless marketplace model vastly improved the user experience for shoppers through enhanced design and delivery.  
  • New analytics technology offered partners vital data for both brand and product performance, driving innovation and product development.
  • The functionalities provided by Techsembly’s Enterprise Solution met exceeded vendor’s expectations of GLO in terms of back-end management and front-end user engagement.
  • Buyers and vendors are assured by the data protection accreditation afforded by Techsembly’s ISO27001 GIC qualification.
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