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Premium Marketplace Expands Global Reach to 50 Million Scottish Consumer Base

Scots of the World (SOTW) is a global marketplace founded by husband and wife team Karen and Graeme Kerr, looking to share their passion and pride for Scotland.

Scots of the World (SOTW) is a global marketplace founded by husband and wife team Karen and Graeme Kerr, looking to share their passion and pride for Scotland.

Launched in 2021, there was a paramount opportunity to connect Scottish people and lovers of Scotland around the world. With over 50 million people of Scottish ancestry from Australia to New Zealand, Europe to USA, through Canada to South Africa; SOTW hosts a marketplace to connect Scottish patriots with local business owners back home. The current global pandemic has further created a need to explore these connections – from the people, the produce and experiences. Scots of the World takes lovers of the nation to explore the mesmerising beauty of its landscapes, lochs and magical mountains through gifted goods to feel the warmth of the Scots, and to own a piece of Scotland to take home.

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With plans of expanding into unexplored regions, a new platform was needed to cater to their cross-border needs. To serve its wide breadth of consumers, the current platform features two fronts - one for domestic trade in the UK and the other to serve the Rest of the World for those who resonate with the brand globally. The retailer has successfully onboarded near 50 vendors and 10,000 SKUs with more to come in support, expanding the reach and exposure of local artisans.


To find the right technology provider to build a multi-storefront solution that met the following objectives:

  • Multi-storefront (highly targeted storefronts differing by region).
  • Vendor dashboards, enabling SOTW’s partners to load and manage their own products.
  • Highly customisable – from product variants to storefronts – to support local marketing strategies.
  • SEO optimised.
  • Integrated with the best online marketing tools to communicate and grow the audience.
  • Analytics & data capture.


To find a technology partner who could push the boundaries in building a marketplace experience. Multi-shopfronts are needed to cater to the global market but with one synchronised backend and user-friendly system for vendors to upload and manage own SKUs for cross-border commerce. The platform should have highly customisable components to maintain the premium image of SOTW, staying true to brand.

“As a brand that has a strong aesthetic we were keen not to blend in to a cookie cutter platform, we feel we have been able to work with Techsembly to utilise the in-built functionality while pushing the envelope to allow us to stand out.” - Karen Kerr.


Techsembly’s Enterprise Solution provided SOTW with a highly customisable and flexible marketplace solution that met the company’s requirements.

“We have experience working with other SaaS platforms and know how hard it can be to accommodate all the ideas that each company comes with. We felt listened to and valued as a customer and we cannot wait to see where the journey takes us.” - Karen Kerr


  • After extensive research and exploring multiple SaaS solutions and vendor options, SOTW came back to Techsembly as it was the only partner who could meet their list of requirements.
  • Strengthened and improved existing platform capabilities; felt listened to and valued by Techsembly’s team in building their desired marketplace experience.
  • The design, feel and user-experience of the site replicate and enhance the uniqueness and premium style of the brand.
  • Now serves an international market, giving everyone abroad a touch of Scottish culture. The online marketplace serves as an alternative to overseas fairs for people to see and experience unique products deep in culture and history.
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