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Curating Unique Luxury Hotel Dining Experiences

Transport guests for a journey of culinary adventure. Here are some examples of how our luxury hotelier clients have curated their dining experiences.

If you are a hotelier, you know how important your food choices are for your guests. Dining is an important part of the hotel stay and its experience, reflecting the luxury and exclusivity of the establishment aside from just accommodation and amenities. Providing guests with good quality food and beverage contributes to a memorable dining experience, but the service and ambiance also helps attract customers. With the rise of epicureans and food tourism, hotels have started to promote food culture in their establishment by offering a wide variety of food and beverages in their restaurants and bars, looking at innovations from the chef’s table to dining in the wild.

Understanding the value of experiences, F&B have devised state-of-the-art presentation and concepts, creating exciting experiences to be shared and tasted. Where over the pandemic, consumers have gotten used to dining in the comfort of their own homes, restaurants are to elevate their quality, value and service through personalised and attentive interactions to compete with the convenience of online. As travelers and modern diners begin to value memories over possessions, unique experiences can transport guests from the dining table to the depths of a local village for a journey of culinary adventure. Here are some examples of how our luxury hotelier clients have curated their dining experiences, from ease of ordering to an unforgettable lagoon adventure:

Offer something unique - Breakfast with the Birds at Belmond Las Casitas

Breakfast with the Birds at Belmond Las Casitas image | Techsembly
Credit: Belmond Las Casitas

Belmond Las Casitas is tucked within the Colca Canyon in Peru, a secluded retreat embraced by stunning scenery and marveling valleys. Each morning around 8am, Andean Condors take flight. Guests wake up to breakfast with the birds, served on the lookout and enjoy authentic Peruvian cooking as feathered wonders soar across the South American sunrise. A marriage of food and ambiance, chefs work with designers to craft an environment and experience to enhance what's on the plate. Dining becomes a sociable and shareable experience, which becomes an extension of the hotel’s branding - a powerful way to generate interest and drive traffic.

Target specific diners - Art Afternoon ‘NFTea’ with Rosewood London

Target specific diners | Rosewood London | Techsembly
Credit: Rosewood London

One of the most luxurious restaurants sits within Rosewood London, who have launched ‘Art Afternoon Tea’, influenced by renowned Surrealist artist, Salvador Dali in conjunction with its current exhibition at the Tate Modern, ‘Surrealism Beyond Borders’. Aside from art-inspired pastries, the afternoon tea also comes with an immersive dining experience through augmented reality and NFT gifting. The Butterfly Windmill cake will act as a portal to the AR experience, whereby guests can enter through a QR code printed on delicate rice paper. Once a butterfly is captured, the guest will unlock their very own limited-edition ‘NFTea’. There are only 2,500 available to collect, allowing the holder to start, or add this exclusive token to their own NFT wallet. Not only does this tea experience attract the creatives, but also generates interest from the new digital-savvy crypto crowd. Knowing your target market can help shape the concept and ambiance of your restaurant. Identify characteristics and psychographics that reflect the personality, preferences, values, and interests of your target audience in the conceptualisation of your dining experience.

Send diners on an escape - A Lagoon Voyage at Aman Venice

Send Diners on an Escape | Techsembly
Credit: Aman Venice

While some guests travel specifically for food, take guests on a culinary adventure with mesmerising experiences that transports them beyond the four walls of the restaurant. Allow food to become an exploration of a story, place, culture, or tradition. Cook the Lagoon is a unique tasting menu concept that focuses on sustainable cultivation and farming. This fine dining experience is led by Aman Venice’s Executive Chef, Matteo Panfilio, who puts a robust accent on local produce. Guests are invited to enjoy a fresh, nutritious and gastronomic experience from a menu crafted from seasonal produce available at the market on the day, fresh fish from the lagoon provided by a local fisherman, and vegetables from the surrounding islands. After lunch, guests are invited to relax on Aman’s historic sailing boat Edipo Re as it glides through the lagoon, navigating its many islands and giving discreet access to the abundance of nature hidden throughout Venice.

A twist on the traditional - ‘Gin & Tea’ at Flemings Mayfair Hotel

Gin & Tea at Flemings Mayfair | Techsembly
Credit: Flemings Mayfair Hotel

The tradition of afternoon tea dates back to 1840, originated by the Duchess of Bedford and popularised amongst the London upper-class society. Combining tradition with modern styles, put a twist to scones and small bites with thematic experiences and different offerings to the standard selection. Located within the opulent surroundings of luxury boutique hotel Flemings Mayfair, the ‘G & Tea’ dining experience comes beautifully presented on an elegant tiered stand, with an assortment of plain and fruit scones with thick clotted cream, lemon curd, and homemade jams, followed by a selection of delectable mini patisseries and macarons provided from the kitchen. Whilst typically paired with tea, this afternoon tea set comes with refreshing and botanical gin tipples, guided by their expert bar team to take you through the tasting notes of your gin and tonic selection.

Offer extra value at off-peak times - Phra Nakhon Lunch at Capella Bangkok

Phra Nakhon lunch wi ocean view | Techsembly
Credit: Capella Bangkok

Whilst unique experiences can help encourage guests to make a booking and help fill quieter parts of the day, generally, F&B businesses fluctuate and are reliant according to mealtimes, thus typically peaking on weeknights and weekends when most people aren’t working. Providing exclusive offers and special discounts during off-peak hours such as afternoon teas, early-bird dining and happy hour can attract guests to visit and patron in taking advantage of reduced prices, with opportunities to add on during the meal. Capella Bangkok also offers discounted lunch menus at off-peak times. Building these experiences pre-sale helps understand when customers will arrive and keep track of popular experiences. Typically priced at THB 1,647.80 nett, customers can purchase lunch in advance at its riverside restaurant, Phra Nakhon, and select their preferred menu upon check-out. The discounted value is set to only be used during the weekdays.

Customizing a meal experience - Studio 54 at The Peninsula Hong Kong

Customize your meal at the Peninsula Hong Kong Hotel | Techsembly
Credit: Peninsula Hong Kong

Deliver efficient and seamless service with each touchpoint, from booking to customisation and payment - removing all barriers of friction and elevating efficiency for a great customer experience, ultimately generating returns and skyrocketing revenue. Written and directed by acclaimed Artistic Director Richard Crawford, 'Nights at Studio 54' is an immersive dining experience at the Peninsula Hong Kong, which includes a glass of welcome champagne, an imaginative three-course dinner, a theatrical performance under the disco lights, and fabulous cocktails at its after-party. Add-ons are also made available during purchase where the customer can upgrade with a 'Champagne Ticket' to enjoy 2-hour free flow champagne or a 'Studio 54 VIP Experience' for an exclusive meet and greet with the celebrity characters in the VIP area and 2-hour free flow Champagne. Add-ons that are presented and easily accessible on the website can inspire impulse purchases and help boost the hotel’s ancillary revenue.

Create, manage and promote unique dining experiences with Techsembly’s gifting and experiences platform. Gift cards and experience vouchers are a great marketing vehicle to promote your brand and attract new customers, all the while generating quick and easy revenue. We’ve helped top leading hotels lift up their revenue by 500% and a 380% increase in sales volume from listing their experiences online to the world. Let Techsembly help share your exquisite culinary experiences with the world. Book an exploratory call with our Head of Sales, Floris Vermeulen, to get your hotel set up for the booming tourism that is to come.

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